A new restaurant in London


Gordon Ramsey and David Beckham had big plans to open a super eatery together, the two friends had planned to work together for the first time in the upmarket Union Street Café, 47 – 51 Great Suffolk Street, SE1 0BS, the restaurant is a urban warehouse conversion which has been designed to retain is period features and give the dinners a relaxed feel, although I very much doubt that this would have been reflected in the price. It has now been reported that David Beckham has pulled out of the venture to concentrate on other ideas, perhaps Victoria didn’t fancy him being out all night.
Great Suffolk Street is located in the heart of Southwick, in an area know as The Borough, this area has a history dating back many years and was one of the first out posts of the City of London. Entertainment is in the blood around these parts as Inn sprung up everywhere to accommodate the people that would travel into The City to trade and book London escorts.

Restaurant: Union Street Cafe
On the very boarders in London Bridge Train Station, one of London’s biggest and most popular, trains arrive here every minute of the day from all over the country, it also has a very busy tube station built under it which is on the Northern line.
David and Gordon have struck up a friendship while the two have been living in America, aided by the fact that their wife’s have grown very close also but that did not alter the fact that business comes first and David decided to pull out with only two weeks to go before the grand opening because they both wanted different things.
None the less the restaurant will still open with Gordon at the helm and is sure to another huge success, another great place to enjoy great food.
If you find yourself in South London and are looking for a date then why not pay ts-http://www.diorescorts.com/blog/borough-escorts-se1/86 a visit and learn lots more about the place and also the sexy ladies there.

Apr 20

How much money do real UK escorts make?

Having personally browsed through countless articles of lies regarding how much money escorts make, I thought it was about time I published something a little bit more accurate. It’s true that escorts do make a considerable amount money working in a profession that doesn’t necessarily require any sort of skill or training, but these dailystar and BBC articles are not only grossly inaccurate, but filled with scare stories about the escort industry that misinform the audience. In this article I am going to try and repair some of the damage done, using my own intimate knowledge as a regular London Punter for over 10 years I have had good experiences with escort directories such as http://www.londonpunt.co.uk. Take a read of the content below if you would like some legitimate statistics on how much escorts in the UK really make.

An escorts earnings image

How much do escorts really make?

Typically the escort prices range from £100-200 per hour, this is the price most consumers pay. While there are some existential circumstances for some girls, I’ve seen some agencies charge over £600 for an hour, the extreme majority of punters will stick in the £100-200 price range. Why? Because this is the accepted paradigm, and it’s a very common statement in the escorting industry to say that the price does not necessarily affect the quality of the encounter.

As an adult with a more than acceptable expendable income I can say this is true. Although I can afford the more expensive escorts, every occasion that I have cashed out on a particularly pricey companion it’s been underwhelming. My best punts are always within the £100-200 range.

Let’s do some escort mathematics.

We shall assume an escort is charging £150 per hour, and meeting a single client every day. That’s a whopping £1050 a week, and £4200 a month. While this is a relatively unfounded number because it varies from week to week, it’s safe to assume that an average escort could be earning this kind of cash if she has good exposure. Not bad for an untrained profession, right? You don’t see apprentices or other unskilled workers making that much dosh in a week, do you? Beats minimum wage, that’s for sure. Or does it?

However, what most fools fail to see is the outgoing expenses of working in the escort industry. I feel this is the part where all the mainstream media articles get it all wrong. As an escort it’s likely that you will have to pay out a fair amount of money to keep your business going. Let’s take a look at some of the common expenses of the average escort, shall we?

Quoted price for escort website maintenance: £300 a month

Vital marketing and advertising: At least £100 per month

Photograph shoots, lingerie and other tools: Quoted at least £50 a month

Cost of working for an escort agency: Up to 40%

Escorts have to pay tax too: remove a further 20%

Professional driver or travel costs: Another 10%

These are just a few of the costs associated with being an escort that I have discussed with working girls on recent encounters. According to one of my favorite blondes, her agency actually takes 60% of her cut and the driver takes 10%, leaving her with a measly 30% of the money from the transaction. For a £150 punt, she walks away with £45. Still lucrative, but not enticing money considering some of the encounters and customers you have to put up with, is it?

So, after tax and other expenses…

It’s likely that a lot of girls in the industry don’t pay for all these prices, but it’s more than likely most of them pay for a couple of these standard escort industry expenses. Let’s say you’re a scrupulous independent escort girl who pays her taxes, maintains her own website and advertisements. That £4200 a month is shaved down to £2625. Still quite a hefty sum I would say, not bad right? Although we have arrived at a number you need to bear in mind at this point the figure is wild speculation with an endless plethora of variables that could come into play.

To conclude

I am quite happy with the number we have arrived at here, and after asking a lot of escorts (they don’t like to talk about the money), a few of them agree that this is an acceptable conclusion. So, how much money do escorts really make? A lot. Just not as much as the news makes it out to be.

Apr 14

Top 3 Romantic London Galleries

London is the capital of the United Kingdom and has some of the best and romantic art galleries, the London escorts love going to these art galleries with clients, so here is a short list of the top 3 most romantic art galleries in London voted by the London escorts;

Somerset House 

The Somerset House is a huge gallery that holds events as well as art exhibitions, they have a wonderful collection of artsy stuff that really does impress the eager artistic mind and with gigs being held here every now again its reputation grows. The London escorts love coming here with their clients to see the artwork or go to the great gigs they host, they always find something new when they enter which is quite the exciting turn around for the London escorts. Strand, London WC2R 1LA

Tate Britain 

This art establishment holds the biggest collection of artwork from British history, dating all the way back from 1500 to the present day. The Tate Britain is one of those art galleries which impresses as soon as you walk in since the architecture of the building is quite aesthetically pleasing, they also have the entire works of JMW Turner as well which is quite impressive. The London escorts absolutely adore this gallery as they take pride in their heritage. Millbank, London, SW1P 4RG

Guildhall Art Gallery & Roman Amphitheatre 

The Guildhall Art Gallery is yes an old Roman amphitheatre that was established in the early 19th century as a collection of British treasures that in truth has some of the world’s most famed pieces. The London escorts have been captivated by this art gallery since they first ever set eyes at the door and foot inside, they absolutely love the collection of history inside the building and within the buildings walls proving it to be quite the architectural masterpiece. Guildhall Yard, London, EC2V 5AE

The London Escorts 

The London escorts love going to any of the aforementioned art galleries above, our girls are the best of the best at their profession proving this time and time again with their many recurring clientele that absolutely love our girls.




Mar 11

Benefits of Booking a Bayswater Escort

Bayswater is a very popular and affluent district of London and has a lot of attractions, one of these attractions is the stunningly beautiful Bayswater escorts, so here is a short list of the benefits of booking a Bayswater escort;

Meeting Your Chosen Bayswater Escort 

There are many who see the meeting part of your experience as the most difficult but this shouldn’t be the case, you’ll notice your chosen Bayswater escort in a crowd straight away because they’re just that gorgeous and they’ll be glittering with beauty that no man can simply resist, one of the many benefits of meeting a Bayswater escort is that unlike most girls you wish to ask out on a date these girls won’t stand you up meaning they’re 100% guaranteed to meet you no problem and to be honest why wouldn’t they it’s their profession and livelihood.

What is She Going to Look Like? 

Well you’ve seen the images and you’ve chosen her for that select reason that you know she’s absolutely stunning, although the images in our opinion don’t give a full representation of just how delectable they are, we know that our Bayswater escorts are unbelievably attractive in person as we ourselves have interviewed them and only the most attractive women get to be on our team. They’ll turn up in the most finest of clothes just to impress you and if you do the same it’ll rub off and go a long way when the night goes on.

What about Their Personality? 

Personality wise our Bayswater escorts are some of the most open minded individuals you’ll ever meet and some of the most fun, these girls can range from being seductively kinky to sweet and kind further proving that our variety of Bayswater escorts outshines all other freelancer escorts, they’re also extremely intelligent and relatable which is proven by the amount of returning clientele we receive. Our girls also have the highest etiquette and respect for their clients and we expect you to have the same because these girls love a man who can equally respect them and their wishes.

Mar 03

Enjoy Gambling in London

London is home to many places where you can gamble your money in a hope for a very good return, being host to many casinos and races London is the place to be if you enjoy to have a gamble. In London when it comes to gambling, casinos are the most popular option as you need no knowledge or understanding to have an evening of excitement all you need is just a little luck. Casinos in London have a variety of games which you can get involved in such as Blackjack, poker, roulette and depending on the casino you visit there are also other games however these are the main ones which attract both experienced and new gamblers.


So where can you go to have a night of gambling in London? Well as mentioned earlier London is home to many casinos all of which are worth visiting however this being said one of the main casinos is The Palm Beach Casino. You will find people turning up to this fabulous casino in fast and fancy cars looking to put their money at risk in a hope to get an amazing return. You may also see gentlemen turning up to Palm Beach Casino in the company of a wildly attractive high class escort from Carmens Secrets. Carmens Secrets are home to a remarkable collection of the highest class escorts in the city which make for excellent company to any of the high class venues in London. Turn up to Palm Beach Casino in style under the arm of your high class escort from Carmens Secrets and try your luck when having a gamble.


It could be your lucky evening and you might even be looking to extend your booking period with your stunning Carmens Secrets escort if you are feeling lucky upon your visit to The Palm Beach Casino.

Jul 22

Travel escorts for your weekend away!

Travel escorts for your weekend away!

If you’re thinking about taking a break, did you know that we have a number of escorts who would be willing to travel with you?  There really is no reason to go anywhere alone in this day and age, not when you have a gallery of beautiful travel escorts waiting for you to choose them!

A travel companion can be a good idea for so many reasons.  There are so many single gentlemen out there that spend so much of their time working that they don’t have time to get a girlfriend.  It’s important that if you’re one of these gents, you realise the importance of getting away from work once in a while.  We’re sure you have other leisure pursuits, but wouldn’t it be nice to browse some travel escorts, choose a destination and simply go?

Seeing the sights

Have you ever been somewhere new and turned to tell someone how you feel only to find there’s no-one there?  It kind of takes the excitement out of discovery really.  Yes, you can Tweet it or take a picture and put it on Facebook for all those people who you hardly know, but it’s so much better to talk to someone standing next to you; actually there with you!  Don’t kid yourself into believing that you can have just as much fun on your own when you go on holiday, you simply don’t.

Classy destinations for travel escorts

They’re not cheap companions by any shake of the dice, no.  However, they are very elite and they’re very used to the best of the best.  Luxury is something that these girls can handle, and this is why we thought we’d give you a couple of ideas.

  • French vineyards. These are becoming very popular these days, and they’re mostly all very stylish.  Chateau L’atour and Chateau Lafite Rothschild, in Pauillac are nice destinations; especially during this weather we’re having.
  • Italian springs. Natural spring waters and spa towns are probably more common in The Czech Republic, but Terme di Saturnia in Italy is a lovely place to visit.  Some of the waters flows at over 96 degrees, so you won’t want to bathe in it, but the resort is stunning!
  • Monaco. Of course we’re going to say Monaco!  This has to be at the top of the classiest list right?  Any travel escorts we represent would be more than happy to spend some time with you there, or even sail down there in a luxury yacht?  Depends on just how rich and luxurious you are we suppose!
  • Dubai. Where the weather is hot and so are the women!  Well, those that can show their bodies of course!  We have a number of escorts who love to go to Dubai and they know a number of places that are really befitting a gentlemen of your taste.

So don’t simply work your life away gentlemen.  There’s a lot more to life you know, and everyone needs to take some downtime; even you!  But when you do take your downtime, make sure you create the perfect experience.  Something that will be memorable.  And you know we can always help you out there!


Jan 13

Relax with the talented Anna

What can you say about the best date you had? Well we are sure to beat it when you have the pleasure of spending time with the talented Anna. Blonde with green eyes and an absolute delight to be around. You will enjoy getting to know her so make sure to book more than one hour and do not waste a second with her. Fun and flirty she is one of the most recommended models on the agency. At only 21 she is very mature and the perfect companions for dinner dates and nightly outings. All of this to say about her and she is one of the new girls to the agency. Which may interest you more if you are looking for a new model to book.

Anna offers both incall and outcall appointments but her main location is Chelsea. She is willing to travel to a variety of locations around London. A very adventurous women who knows what she wants and how to treat the man in her life. Never disappoints and will leave you wanting to see her again. Treating Anna would be a great idea as she loves dining out at London’s finest hotels and a present will be sure to get on her good side. So make Anna your number one priority whenever you are in London. Either a business trip or for pleasure then make a booking with us today.

 Making a booking is quick and easy which can be done over the phone or by E-mail. We respond within the hour. We have a peek time in which you should contact us. Reservations should be made from 12pm to 4am. If you would like any more information on the models which has not been listed on the profiles then out friendly staff will be more than happy to help you. The New Year means a new beginning so make sure you get in touch today and have a fun evening with us at Elite VIP Models.

Visit – Elite VIP Models

Anna blake

Jan 06

Celebrate 2015 with DeluxeVipModels

As yet another year goes by we can now finally say goodbye to the long year of 2014 and say hello the year 2015. Here at Deluxe Models we hope that you all had a great Christmas and new year and hopefully you have all recovered from your hangovers by now.

Starting the year where we left off we really do want to make this year a special year indeed and it should be a tale of big things and beautiful women for you to enjoy some time with.

At the moment we have been an established escorting agency for around 4 months now but we have already started to become a very popular escort agency in London and with over 40 girls already working at the agency that would suggest we are a great agency to work for where we highly respect and value our girls.

If gorgeous elite London escorts are up your street then there is simply no better place to be as we provide you exactly that at a great price indeed, whats even better is the service which you will be provided will be of very high standards and discreetness is 100% guaranteed.

cara 3
Celebrate your 2015 in style and luxury with Deluxe Vip, you will not be disappointed and it really is a great way to get you through the long hard days of being back to work.

Oct 14

The beautiful Royal borough of Kensington and Chelsea

The refined area of Kensington in the Royal borough of Kensington and Chelsea is home the UK’s richest residents. Kensington Palace and Gardens is a royal residence that lies at the centre of this affluent borough. Kensington Palace is home to a number of the royals including Kate, William and Harry who have private apartments within the majestic palace. Kensington’s royal Palace and its residents has resulted in the area being one of most sought after residential areas in the UK. The British royal family are not the only royals in the village, Kensington is also home to some of the Saudi Royal family.

The average house price on Kensington Palace Gardens, , is forty one million pounds, more than 165 times the value of the average UK home. Kensington Palace Gardens has from its inception been known as millionaire’s row in 1840, which has now been upgraded to billionaire’s row, the lowly millionaire could never afford a house on this street! The street is home to Russian Oligarchs, embassies, royalty and the Sultan of Brunei, to name but a few. So as you can see only a very exclusive super rich crowd can afford to live on Britain’s most expensive street.

As you can probably imagine Kensington escorts are used to the finer things in life. They are refined ladies, who are breathtakingly beautiful, well-educated and discerning. Our Exclusive Company escorts in Kensington are the epitome of high class and will ensure your time spent with them is sensational. You will feel like a prince with this lady on your arm, she knows all the most wonderful places to visit in Kensington and we can guarantee that with an exclusive lady on your arm you will be drawing many an envious glance from Kensington’s affluent residents.

Kensington has some of the best restaurants in London and we would like to suggest our pick of the best. Whits restaurant and bar, 21 Abingdon Road, W8 6AH, is an intimate family run restaurant that serves classical French cuisine that is just divine. The Troubadour, 263-267 Old Brompton Road, SW5 9JA, is a laid back café bar that serves delicious food and has a huge selection of wine to have

with your meal or to take home with you. One place we must mention in Kensington is The Windsor Castle, 114 Campden Hill Road, W8 7AR, The Windsor Castle is a traditional British with a high end feel to it. The interior is classic and cosy and the food is warming and delicious, it’s a lovely place to relax with your Kensington Lady. Where ever you choose to go in this royal borough you will have a sensational time with an Exclusive Company Kensington Escort.

Aug 18

A new place for London escorts

There is a new place to book London escorts http://www.ajlondonescorts.co.uk/ – . This is an agency which has just been set up to provide clients with a dependable escort service based in the city of london. They currently have around 20 sexy ladies on the website which are mostly from eastern Europe. From looking at the website you can certainly that they are a serious agency with a growing collection of girls that are all very beautiful. From the home page you have a whole range of options for finding that perfect partner for the evening as you can go to the gallery page or filter the girls by type. On the left hand side of the page there is a quick search which enables users to search for an escort by name.


This is handy for returning clients who would like to see the same girl again. Of course many of you will be new to the website so the best option here would be to use the type category. Currently they have Blonde, brunette, busty, European, massage and mature. These choices should be more than enough for most people to find the best lady for them but, if you are feeling lucky you can always just browse through the main gallery. The main gallery has a lot of ladies who look like genuine supermodels and its just some amazing that you can meet them in under half an hour.

The news is often updated on the website which is very nice to see. Every week they have a girl of the week which is chosen becasue of feedback from clients – this is a very nice way to help you decide which of the numerous cheap London escorts you would like to meet.


Jan 13

About Leeds

I love top five lists and i hope that you do to. This is going to be a short list of the top things you can do in the great city of Yorkshire – of course i can not cater for everyone but, i am certainly go to try a get something in there that everyone will like. Having been to Leeds a few times in my life in think it qualifies me to give a fair opinion of things that i have enjoyed over the different years of my life.

Visit a nightclub


Most of the country knows that Leeds is one of the best nights out all of the royal lands. There are swaths of bars and clubs around the city centre and the surrounding areas of countryside. With the massive University being there you can be guaranteed of a good night out. There is the infamous student prices for drinks too which could mean that you end up spending very little on a night out or just more on a Leeds escort. Some recommended bars are, the box (LS6 2AD), the Skyrack (LS6 3AW), Jake’s Bar and the Mint Club.

Book an escort

leah angels or devils


Thank you about it. You are here in a great city, maybe having a good night in the bar but, you have not been able to pull a bird. What do you do next? Well the best option is to book escorts in Leeds from places like Angels or Devils, one of the longest running and well established escort agencies in Leeds.  Spend time looking for the perfect one for you because people will have different preferences on how much that you would like to spend and what girl they would like to see. All escort agencies offer something different.

Visit a park


Sometime you just need to wind down. The best way to let your spirit free and your mind wonder is to visit the wonderful Roundhay Park situated in an idyllic location (LS8 4AR). This park offers a huge walk around rolling hills of freshly cut grass and well maintained plants.