A first time for everything.

I have never been one to buy an escort before, however I have never been a closed minded person and I am always open for new things. I think in order to fully know yourself you have to experiment, otherwise how would you know what you prefer as a person. So with this belief I always wanted to know what it’d be like to date an Asian girl, don’t ask me what it is about them that I’m enticed to because I don’t know. It mat possibly spawn from living in a very ethnically same area, I’m not saying that it is good nor bad however when I see a beautiful Asian woman I just can’t help but stare at their beauty….. it seems like more of a natural beauty.

This is the stunning woman I was able to spend some time with

This is the stunning woman I was able to spend some time with

Anyway I’m babbling on, so with this in mind I thought it was about high time I had my own experience with a beautiful Asian girl. Admittedly I did not know where to start and was a bit confused by the whole matter, however my friend uses escorts a lot, he’s you’re average everyday guy (before you start to think he’s weird) that really enjoys the company of escorts. He had told me that through the various companies he has used, if it’s Asian you want then it’s Playful Asian you want it from, and yes he was right. When I went on to the Asian Playgirl website it was clear that this company was very professional. They had many different beautiful manchester escorts and various different ways to contact them, this made for an easier booking which made it more efficient for me and for a first time client it was nice to see that they had laid it out so nicely. I booked Maya for an hour and a half and when I went to see her, well I was not disappointed. it was amazing.

Maya was very understanding of the fact that it was my first time so she felt my nerves, she calmed me down and spoke to me for around ten minutes, this helped me have a laugh and start to get my head around the fact that this is her job so she does this type of thing all the time. So I don’t really want to discuss what happened in the rest of my time with her because it’s quite personal to me but I can say that Maya is incredibly passionate, in fact so much that I nearly couldn’t handle it. I mean it was crazy, it was wild, it was the best experience of my life.

unfortunately time goes on and as much as I’d like to relive the experience I cant, yet I can only be left thinking about the fantastic quality I got from Asian Playgirl and on top of that the amazing time I had with Maya. I was happy to have had this experience because I do understand why people would not want to hire an escort, so with experience I had, it has in a sense opened up my eyes on a new angle of escorting services. If you’re thinking of using an Asian escort in London, make sure that you pick from the correct company, make sure you understand what you’re in for, make sure you get good service, make sure it is and Asian Playgirl.

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