Nov 06

New Standards for international escorts

As the world becomes more and more international people are booking escorts for international services more and more often. As air travel has been the norm for a long time, business meetings where partners will meet across the world and become the the easiest option to make personal deals. The result of this clients are looking for a high class escort services which can be booked for international travel. The problem for finding the perfect service which can be a lot of harder than you might think as girls are not always available when you need them.

This is a problem which has noticed this need and wants to fill in the gap for clients who want a escort service where girls are available when you want them in most cases. This is achieved by providing girls in many locations around the world where clients often want to book them such as Dubai. People who tend to book escorts internationally tend to want well educated and a companion who is easy on the eye- these girls are known as high class escorts. The fit this need only the females who fit this criteria are allowed to join the agency and i really think has worked for them as there are a lot of beautiful women who are distributed across the 11 cities on the website.

Here are couple of girls on the website you can see how hot they really are:




Like the perfect brunette babe out of your lucid dreams, Irina is a tall Russian escort who is available internationally. Like many brunettes, she is a very self sufficient woman, with a flamboyant charisma which is hard to ignore. Irena is only 24 too!




Are you going to Dubai any time soon? Well Chaile could be your perfect date if you are into blonde girls with perfect bodies (i imagine a lot of you will love this girl). We dont have any pictures of Charlie in lingerie right now but her profile on the website she states that she love to wear it – i would love to see this girl in lingerie!




Amsterdam is one of the capitals of the world for escort services so it only appropriate that a beautiful girl such as Farrah is located here. A babe with a wonderful personality and a really nicely toned beach body.