Jan 13

About Leeds

I love top five lists and i hope that you do to. This is going to be a short list of the top things you can do in the great city of Yorkshire – of course i can not cater for everyone but, i am certainly go to try a get something in there that everyone will like. Having been to Leeds a few times in my life in think it qualifies me to give a fair opinion of things that i have enjoyed over the different years of my life.

Visit a nightclub


Most of the country knows that Leeds is one of the best nights out all of the royal lands. There are swaths of bars and clubs around the city centre and the surrounding areas of countryside. With the massive University being there you can be guaranteed of a good night out. There is the infamous student prices for drinks too which could mean that you end up spending very little on a night out or just more on a Leeds escort. Some recommended bars are, the box (LS6 2AD), the Skyrack (LS6 3AW), Jake’s Bar and the Mint Club.

Book an escort

leah angels or devils


Thank you about it. You are here in a great city, maybe having a good night in the bar but, you have not been able to pull a bird. What do you do next? Well the best option is to book escorts in Leeds from places like Angels or Devils, one of the longest running and well established escort agencies in Leeds.  Spend time looking for the perfect one for you because people will have different preferences on how much that you would like to spend and what girl they would like to see. All escort agencies offer something different.

Visit a park


Sometime you just need to wind down. The best way to let your spirit free and your mind wonder is to visit the wonderful Roundhay Park situated in an idyllic location (LS8 4AR). This park offers a huge walk around rolling hills of freshly cut grass and well maintained plants.


Sep 27

Manchester with an Asian bird

Invasion escorts are always available for their clients, trust me i know through first hand experience that regardless of it being to for or too short these girls will arrive if you pay them the right amount of money. depending on the girls that you get, some of them will tour around with you. so if you’re up away on business or going to a quick weekend get away with the boys, why don’t you make it a bit more enjoyable and bring some eye candy with you from Invasion escorts, these girls aren’t afraid to get down and dirty after a hard days graft.
An example could be this time a week ago, i was packing my bags getting ready for a bit of a bender. me and the guys decided that it was time to move from London and have a go in another town, so after a lot of consideration we decided to go to Manchester. we were also talking about company, it was five of us going and three of our friends have current girlfriends yet me and another didn’t. it was a bit embarrassing admittedly at first when they were booking for there girlfriends to go, and we were a bit annoyed that they did that to because we wanted just a lads event really. so we thought we’d get them back, little did they know was that we told them we were going to bring to girls that we had been ‘speaking to’ for a while’.
yes you guessed it we booked escorts and didn’t tell them they were escorts….. what’s a guy supposed to do? i felt humiliated and i knew i was going to get them back (as well as my other mate would) for ruining a lads weekend. we had booked in a hotel just nearing the city centre, nothing special just a travel lodge-style hotel. we were getting the train up so me and my mate (the one who was also getting an escort) decided to meet our other three mates and there birds at the train station. we got there and they were all stunned, they were surprised we’d even speak to a girl of that calibre. i was happy about this and couldn’t help laughing at the people who had girlfriends.
anyway we got to Manchester unpacked and started to hit the night hard, we started off at bar bar on canal street and headed off to various other bars around after wards. everyone was having a drink, getting a bit outspoken but still having a really good time. but here is where it gets funny, basically the girls (not the escorts) that my mates had brought all went home because they ‘weren’t having a good time’ so they dragged their guys with them, brilliant. so they go home in a huff and i stay here with a good mate and two fine escorts.
so Invasion really did save my A$$ out there, and helped me have a really amazing night in end because if not i probably would’ve gone in when the other guys did, the night was crazy and i wouldn’t change it if i could. cheers invasion!

A new restaurant in London


Gordon Ramsey and David Beckham had big plans to open a super eatery together, the two friends had planned to work together for the first time in the upmarket Union Street Café, 47 – 51 Great Suffolk Street, SE1 0BS, the restaurant is a urban warehouse conversion which has been designed to retain is period features and give the dinners a relaxed feel, although I very much doubt that this would have been reflected in the price. It has now been reported that David Beckham has pulled out of the venture to concentrate on other ideas, perhaps Victoria didn’t fancy him being out all night.
Great Suffolk Street is located in the heart of Southwick, in an area know as The Borough, this area has a history dating back many years and was one of the first out posts of the City of London. Entertainment is in the blood around these parts as Inn sprung up everywhere to accommodate the people that would travel into The City to trade and book London escorts.

Restaurant: Union Street Cafe
On the very boarders in London Bridge Train Station, one of London’s biggest and most popular, trains arrive here every minute of the day from all over the country, it also has a very busy tube station built under it which is on the Northern line.
David and Gordon have struck up a friendship while the two have been living in America, aided by the fact that their wife’s have grown very close also but that did not alter the fact that business comes first and David decided to pull out with only two weeks to go before the grand opening because they both wanted different things.
None the less the restaurant will still open with Gordon at the helm and is sure to another huge success, another great place to enjoy great food.
If you find yourself in South London and are looking for a date then why not pay ts-http://www.diorescorts.com/blog/borough-escorts-se1/86 a visit and learn lots more about the place and also the sexy ladies there.

Sep 13

The Hottest experience I’ve ever had.

Two weeks ago I probably participated in one of the most amazing experiences any man can ever live through, let alone just me. But before I go onto this story I need to briefly give some credit to the escort agency which made this dream come true. Naughty Shemales are one of the best escort services around right now, it literally has so much to offer to every client that you can’t not try them at least once. They have the highest standards for escorts and have good prices because of it, by this I mean if you’re wanting to go out with an escort of this companies caliber you will be paying so much more money, yet with Naughty Shemales somehow they manage to keep very good prices. The offers that you see on this website I really don’t think you’ll find anywhere else. check out the promo for Naughty Shemales if you don’t believe me!

Any way on with the story, I’ll start with a question, what is the most amazing experience a guy can have intimately? the coolest thing a man can ever do, better than climbing mount Everest and fighting a lion in the same week. I am of course talking about having an intimate relationship…….. with twins. yes that’s right twins. that is literally in the top three of every man’s sexual fantasy ‘to do list’. just imagine if you ever had the privilege to take home a ten out of ten girl, kissing her then turning around and seeing the exact same girl on the other side. well I can tell you right now it is simply amazing. I booked the most beautiful shemale escorts for the most unforgettable night, the twins are both equally as sexy and crazy and do things you can only imagine, well that’s until they’re doing it to you anyway. I booked the twins for a dinner date swiftly followed by the return to my house for some real fun. the dinner was nice, we went to Boyds on Northumberland avenue and it was good food, really traditional English grub which made the night a bit better. I wasn’t really bothered about the food however, I was more interested in these beauties sat in front of me. Lucky for me I’m good at making conversation, I’m not being arrogant when I say this but I am fairly confident when meeting new people and that skill had never really come in handy until now. me and the girls really had a laugh and enjoyed ourselves, but by ten o’clock it was time to get home because I had never been so ready to take two girls home in my life.

When I got home I was so excited, these girls immediately took control over me and it almost scared me because I have never been over powered by two of the most sexy girls I have ever seen. the next three hours were crazy, we were rolling every which way, going in and out of every room, using whipped cream and chocolate sauce, literally everything I could think of in order to make the experience crazier. how about I make it sound even better, well Sumaya Schultz I had requested for her to bring a ‘school girl’ outfit and then on top of this I asked Aylah to dress the same. It quickly literally turned into one of my childhood fantasies, I kid you not I paid for one extra hour up front because I didn’t want it to end. It had come to an end though unfortunately and as the girls were re-dressing up to leave I actually (I know this sounds stupid) repeatedly thanked them for the moment we had just shared and how I will be back in contact with them as soon as I can, and I didn’t lie I’m saving up for another experience with these two beautiful girls.

so as the story ends so must this blog post, I had a great time with these girls and the best part about this story is I’m not any lucky guy, I’m just like you I have an average job and I live a relatively average lifestyle. if you think that like me it is time to look through the eyes of excellence and indulge your body in the most pleasurable experience ever, then go onto the Naughty Shemales website, you won’t be disappointed.

Sep 13

A first time for everything.

I have never been one to buy an escort before, however I have never been a closed minded person and I am always open for new things. I think in order to fully know yourself you have to experiment, otherwise how would you know what you prefer as a person. So with this belief I always wanted to know what it’d be like to date an Asian girl, don’t ask me what it is about them that I’m enticed to because I don’t know. It mat possibly spawn from living in a very ethnically same area, I’m not saying that it is good nor bad however when I see a beautiful Asian woman I just can’t help but stare at their beauty….. it seems like more of a natural beauty.

This is the stunning woman I was able to spend some time with

This is the stunning woman I was able to spend some time with

Anyway I’m babbling on, so with this in mind I thought it was about high time I had my own experience with a beautiful Asian girl. Admittedly I did not know where to start and was a bit confused by the whole matter, however my friend uses escorts a lot, he’s you’re average everyday guy (before you start to think he’s weird) that really enjoys the company of escorts. He had told me that through the various companies he has used, if it’s Asian you want then it’s Playful Asian you want it from, and yes he was right. When I went on to the Asian Playgirl website it was clear that this company was very professional. They had many different beautiful manchester escorts and various different ways to contact them, this made for an easier booking which made it more efficient for me and for a first time client it was nice to see that they had laid it out so nicely. I booked Maya for an hour and a half and when I went to see her, well I was not disappointed. it was amazing.

Maya was very understanding of the fact that it was my first time so she felt my nerves, she calmed me down and spoke to me for around ten minutes, this helped me have a laugh and start to get my head around the fact that this is her job so she does this type of thing all the time. So I don’t really want to discuss what happened in the rest of my time with her because it’s quite personal to me but I can say that Maya is incredibly passionate, in fact so much that I nearly couldn’t handle it. I mean it was crazy, it was wild, it was the best experience of my life.

unfortunately time goes on and as much as I’d like to relive the experience I cant, yet I can only be left thinking about the fantastic quality I got from Asian Playgirl and on top of that the amazing time I had with Maya. I was happy to have had this experience because I do understand why people would not want to hire an escort, so with experience I had, it has in a sense opened up my eyes on a new angle of escorting services. If you’re thinking of using an Asian escort in London, make sure that you pick from the correct company, make sure you understand what you’re in for, make sure you get good service, make sure it is and Asian Playgirl.