Manchester with an Asian bird

Invasion escorts are always available for their clients, trust me i know through first hand experience that regardless of it being to for or too short these girls will arrive if you pay them the right amount of money. depending on the girls that you get, some of them will tour around with you. so if you’re up away on business or going to a quick weekend get away with the boys, why don’t you make it a bit more enjoyable and bring some eye candy with you from Invasion escorts, these girls aren’t afraid to get down and dirty after a hard days graft.
An example could be this time a week ago, i was packing my bags getting ready for a bit of a bender. me and the guys decided that it was time to move from London and have a go in another town, so after a lot of consideration we decided to go to Manchester. we were also talking about company, it was five of us going and three of our friends have current girlfriends yet me and another didn’t. it was a bit embarrassing admittedly at first when they were booking for there girlfriends to go, and we were a bit annoyed that they did that to because we wanted just a lads event really. so we thought we’d get them back, little did they know was that we told them we were going to bring to girls that we had been ‘speaking to’ for a while’.
yes you guessed it we booked escorts and didn’t tell them they were escorts….. what’s a guy supposed to do? i felt humiliated and i knew i was going to get them back (as well as my other mate would) for ruining a lads weekend. we had booked in a hotel just nearing the city centre, nothing special just a travel lodge-style hotel. we were getting the train up so me and my mate (the one who was also getting an escort) decided to meet our other three mates and there birds at the train station. we got there and they were all stunned, they were surprised we’d even speak to a girl of that calibre. i was happy about this and couldn’t help laughing at the people who had girlfriends.
anyway we got to Manchester unpacked and started to hit the night hard, we started off at bar bar on canal street and headed off to various other bars around after wards. everyone was having a drink, getting a bit outspoken but still having a really good time. but here is where it gets funny, basically the girls (not the escorts) that my mates had brought all went home because they ‘weren’t having a good time’ so they dragged their guys with them, brilliant. so they go home in a huff and i stay here with a good mate and two fine escorts.
so Invasion really did save my A$$ out there, and helped me have a really amazing night in end because if not i probably would’ve gone in when the other guys did, the night was crazy and i wouldn’t change it if i could. cheers invasion!

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