A new restaurant in London


Gordon Ramsey and David Beckham had big plans to open a super eatery together, the two friends had planned to work together for the first time in the upmarket Union Street Café, 47 – 51 Great Suffolk Street, SE1 0BS, the restaurant is a urban warehouse conversion which has been designed to retain is period features and give the dinners a relaxed feel, although I very much doubt that this would have been reflected in the price. It has now been reported that David Beckham has pulled out of the venture to concentrate on other ideas, perhaps Victoria didn’t fancy him being out all night.
Great Suffolk Street is located in the heart of Southwick, in an area know as The Borough, this area has a history dating back many years and was one of the first out posts of the City of London. Entertainment is in the blood around these parts as Inn sprung up everywhere to accommodate the people that would travel into The City to trade and book London escorts.

Restaurant: Union Street Cafe
On the very boarders in London Bridge Train Station, one of London’s biggest and most popular, trains arrive here every minute of the day from all over the country, it also has a very busy tube station built under it which is on the Northern line.
David and Gordon have struck up a friendship while the two have been living in America, aided by the fact that their wife’s have grown very close also but that did not alter the fact that business comes first and David decided to pull out with only two weeks to go before the grand opening because they both wanted different things.
None the less the restaurant will still open with Gordon at the helm and is sure to another huge success, another great place to enjoy great food.
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