Aug 18

A new place for London escorts

There is a new place to book London escorts – . This is an agency which has just been set up to provide clients with a dependable escort service based in the city of london. They currently have around 20 sexy ladies on the website which are mostly from eastern Europe. From looking at the website you can certainly that they are a serious agency with a growing collection of girls that are all very beautiful. From the home page you have a whole range of options for finding that perfect partner for the evening as you can go to the gallery page or filter the girls by type. On the left hand side of the page there is a quick search which enables users to search for an escort by name.


This is handy for returning clients who would like to see the same girl again. Of course many of you will be new to the website so the best option here would be to use the type category. Currently they have Blonde, brunette, busty, European, massage and mature. These choices should be more than enough for most people to find the best lady for them but, if you are feeling lucky you can always just browse through the main gallery. The main gallery has a lot of ladies who look like genuine supermodels and its just some amazing that you can meet them in under half an hour.

The news is often updated on the website which is very nice to see. Every week they have a girl of the week which is chosen becasue of feedback from clients – this is a very nice way to help you decide which of the numerous cheap London escorts you would like to meet.


Jan 13

About Leeds

I love top five lists and i hope that you do to. This is going to be a short list of the top things you can do in the great city of Yorkshire – of course i can not cater for everyone but, i am certainly go to try a get something in there that everyone will like. Having been to Leeds a few times in my life in think it qualifies me to give a fair opinion of things that i have enjoyed over the different years of my life.

Visit a nightclub


Most of the country knows that Leeds is one of the best nights out all of the royal lands. There are swaths of bars and clubs around the city centre and the surrounding areas of countryside. With the massive University being there you can be guaranteed of a good night out. There is the infamous student prices for drinks too which could mean that you end up spending very little on a night out or just more on a Leeds escort. Some recommended bars are, the box (LS6 2AD), the Skyrack (LS6 3AW), Jake’s Bar and the Mint Club.

Book an escort

leah angels or devils


Thank you about it. You are here in a great city, maybe having a good night in the bar but, you have not been able to pull a bird. What do you do next? Well the best option is to book escorts in Leeds from places like Angels or Devils, one of the longest running and well established escort agencies in Leeds.  Spend time looking for the perfect one for you because people will have different preferences on how much that you would like to spend and what girl they would like to see. All escort agencies offer something different.

Visit a park


Sometime you just need to wind down. The best way to let your spirit free and your mind wonder is to visit the wonderful Roundhay Park situated in an idyllic location (LS8 4AR). This park offers a huge walk around rolling hills of freshly cut grass and well maintained plants.


Dec 02

Best Ice skating venues in London 2013

What could be better this year than experiencing London in its snow covered winter city scape? Some of the best attractions are the ice rinks that are dotted around and about as they offer something that is both potentially romantic yet physical at the same time. I am not advocating your Christmas experience in London to be something like a gym session what I am recommending is you try them out because it is a lot of fun. Many of the ice rinks also have a bar which adds the exciting twist of getting a little tipsy while trying to ice skate. Of course none of this would be the same unless you had some companionship from a lady friend. Not all of us have girlfriends so I would recommend that you book escorts from a reputable escort agency – Asian escorts are particularly popular at the moment.

The Bluebird 350 King’s Road, SW3

A high class restaurant that is getting festive this season. With a beautifully illuminated ice rink that backs on to the bar where you can choose from the a huge range of Cocktails and wine after and evening of Skating. the blue bird is Located in the heart of Chelsea. As you skating the evening through you will be able to enjoy some pop music culture which the rink is flooded with coloured lights. The ice rink is also available for booking out for your own Christmas party or a romantic dinner date with a little but of skating.

You can enjoy the ice rink from November 11th until January 5th



Bar & BBQ on Ice.

Open until Thursday February 27th the Bar on ice has been here for 28 years as is also one of the best best rinks in london. The Broadgate Ice rink is perfectly located close to the centre of London and only a minutes walk from the Liverpool Street station. Having enjoyed a date with a beautiful escort here it would be no problem to continue the night on around the inner city of London. If you would like to skate here then i recommend that you get some tickets of the website and its also important to know that the rink closes at 10pm with the last skaters allowed on at 9pm.

Broadgate Ice Rink


Boisdale of Canary Wharf

The Boisdale restaurant in Cabot Place, E14, will be teaming up for a second year running to offer a huge ice rink with a retro inspired rink side dinner. This could be the perfectly romantic place that you were looking to spend the evening with an escort in London. A recommended agency that has girls in the area is


The Somerset house.


Open from the 14th Of November to the 5th Of January. Again this would a be a cool place to bring a beautiful escort on a date as with the other venues that i have mentioned accept this brings a twist the mix. There are different themes throughout the weeks from Skate skating lesson , to traditional Christmas themes to top D.J’s from the club scene playing their best stuff.

Hyde Park Winter wonderland.


If there was any place that you would take an Asian escort in the city of London for a romantic ice skate this would be the place. A who venue dedicated to making you feel festive with attractions such as theme park rides and much more. Of course there will be a wide array of food and drinks to enjoy too!

Hope this helps you!




Nov 06

New Standards for international escorts

As the world becomes more and more international people are booking escorts for international services more and more often. As air travel has been the norm for a long time, business meetings where partners will meet across the world and become the the easiest option to make personal deals. The result of this clients are looking for a high class escort services which can be booked for international travel. The problem for finding the perfect service which can be a lot of harder than you might think as girls are not always available when you need them.

This is a problem which has noticed this need and wants to fill in the gap for clients who want a escort service where girls are available when you want them in most cases. This is achieved by providing girls in many locations around the world where clients often want to book them such as Dubai. People who tend to book escorts internationally tend to want well educated and a companion who is easy on the eye- these girls are known as high class escorts. The fit this need only the females who fit this criteria are allowed to join the agency and i really think has worked for them as there are a lot of beautiful women who are distributed across the 11 cities on the website.

Here are couple of girls on the website you can see how hot they really are:




Like the perfect brunette babe out of your lucid dreams, Irina is a tall Russian escort who is available internationally. Like many brunettes, she is a very self sufficient woman, with a flamboyant charisma which is hard to ignore. Irena is only 24 too!




Are you going to Dubai any time soon? Well Chaile could be your perfect date if you are into blonde girls with perfect bodies (i imagine a lot of you will love this girl). We dont have any pictures of Charlie in lingerie right now but her profile on the website she states that she love to wear it – i would love to see this girl in lingerie!




Amsterdam is one of the capitals of the world for escort services so it only appropriate that a beautiful girl such as Farrah is located here. A babe with a wonderful personality and a really nicely toned beach body.

Oct 04

Variety 69

This escort agency has been around for a couple years now and has become quite a reputable service. Variety 69 specialises in providing Asian escorts who offer a range of different services from girl friend experience to more erotic pleasures like domination. What makes this agency special is the escorts on the website are all available twenty four hours a day and a lot of them are only on this agency.

As you can see from the video they have a wide collection of girls who can come an visit you in the city of london. This is not an international escort agency so the girls are currently only available in the city of london; but where else would you possible want them to be becasue London is one of the greatest cities in the world with a lot of nightlife. One of the best parts about variety 69 is their duo companionship which is performed by girls who are bisexual. You have the option to book female escorts or shemale escorts which are becoming more and more popular every day so it is only natural that an escort service like variety 69 would cater for clients who want the companionship of shemale escorts.

To be honest i could not think of anything better than touring around the city on a friday night with two beautiful girls on your arm. All of the escorts are very polite and are read to make you night in London one that you are never going t forget for many years to come which is essentially why their reputation has become so renowned around London. Another bones is how helpful the staff are who answer the phones for variety 69. When i booked an escort from them they made sure that everything was going to run smoothly and that i had some great ideas about where i was going to go out around london: firstly for a dinner date which was at the fantastic Italian restaurant Bocca Di Lupo.

Sep 27

Asian Escorts – Why Should You Choose Them?

In case you have made up your mind to book an escort of your choice. Then choosing Asian escorts could be the finest choice available with you. Asian escorts are gorgeous, courteous and understanding at the same time. There are several reasons why you need to choose beautiful Asian escorts from a reputed agency. These sexy escorts can help you out in a lot of ways. They can act as your girlfriend or even give you good company during your vacations or an official event. The below mentioned article will deal with some key information on why should you select Asian escorts.

Any particular agency which you choose will specifically help you in making the right decision in regard to a beautiful escort for the night. The customer service staff will ensure that you are able to find the lady of your dreams. These kinds of agencies are known to concentrate on the quality of services they offer to their clients. Their honesty is well known and they would ensure that you get impeccable services every single time. For a great experience you need to appoint an escort agency that offers Asian escorts at affordable rates.

These Shemale escort are ready to do anything with you. They can play kinky foreplay games with you and even act naughty in front of your friends. These gorgeous escorts can prove to be dream-like for you as they will fulfill all your wishes so that you don’t have to worry about anything. Even if you want to leave a lasting impression on your friends and colleagues by flaunting your new friend, you can easily do so by taking one of the Asian escorts to your office party.

Picking the perfect Shemale escort

Well, choosing the perfect shemale London escorts is not at all a difficult task to perform. You just have to consider a number of important things including your personal preferences before making the decision.

• The first thing that you should do is to consider the escort agency you are planning to choose. You need to research hard regarding the escort agency you select. It is important to go for a complete background check. You need to consider the reputation and experience of the agency before choosing them.

• You need to stay absolutely cautious while making the final decision regarding an escort. It is important to keep all your preferences in your mind while choosing an escort.

• You got to consider the rates charged by the agency and try and negotiate them if you feel they are too high.

So, this was all that you should know about choosing Asian escorts. I hope the above mentioned points will help you in choosing the right escort for yourself. You will definitely love these Asian escorts no matter what it takes. For any other help you can surf the internet and visit the website of a popular agency nearby your area. It will surely help you in coming across the right option. For better results you can personally visit the agency.

Sep 13

Shemale escorts

This is a question that is burning on my mind, one that every once and a wellsprings to the forefront and really does make me wonder, it makes me wonder if I should just give in and try it, it makes me wonder if I would really like it, it makes me wonder if I could ever go back. The question is mind that I have is; could I ever go on a date with a shemale escort?

For those of you who are a little unsure what a shemale is let me brake it down for you, they are also known as lady boys!

A shemale is a woman who was once a man, born a boy but with a female heart, they may have had all the features of a boy but all they ever wanted to be was a lady, hence the name shemales, shims, ladyboys, transsexuals and so on and so forth. Some of these of so pretty, you have really got to check out the ones that come from Thailand, you would never know the difference, these girls spend thousands of pounds to look like they do, they visit transgender clinics back home, have the operations and then come to England to make a living escorting men in London.

Find out more about shemale escorts on

They take hormones to stop them getting hair where men get hair, they have breast implants, some have massive ones and it is not unusual to see a shemale with 34DD boobs, something that is becoming a very welcoming site to me these days, the thing that they leave behind is their cock, you see most men want this, they want the shemale that they are dating to use and abused them, I think that it is a little to make them feel that they are in the power of a women and I can really see why. Many men these days like to be dominated and bent over with a strap on and what better way is there to push this fantasy then to book some time with a shemale.It seems that these type of girls are ever becoming more and more popular in London, I have found a great website where I could book one, I have used these guys before for females and they have never let me down, so why would they when it come to a completely different type of lady.Once I have had my date I will post back here and let you all know how it went, I am certain that you will like to hear it.