Apr 20

How much money do real UK escorts make?

Having personally browsed through countless articles of lies regarding how much money escorts make, I thought it was about time I published something a little bit more accurate. It’s true that escorts do make a considerable amount money working in a profession that doesn’t necessarily require any sort of skill or training, but these dailystar and BBC articles are not only grossly inaccurate, but filled with scare stories about the escort industry that misinform the audience. In this article I am going to try and repair some of the damage done, using my own intimate knowledge as a regular London Punter for over 10 years I have had good experiences with escort directories such as http://www.londonpunt.co.uk. Take a read of the content below if you would like some legitimate statistics on how much escorts in the UK really make.

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How much do escorts really make?

Typically the escort prices range from £100-200 per hour, this is the price most consumers pay. While there are some existential circumstances for some girls, I’ve seen some agencies charge over £600 for an hour, the extreme majority of punters will stick in the £100-200 price range. Why? Because this is the accepted paradigm, and it’s a very common statement in the escorting industry to say that the price does not necessarily affect the quality of the encounter.

As an adult with a more than acceptable expendable income I can say this is true. Although I can afford the more expensive escorts, every occasion that I have cashed out on a particularly pricey companion it’s been underwhelming. My best punts are always within the £100-200 range.

Let’s do some escort mathematics.

We shall assume an escort is charging £150 per hour, and meeting a single client every day. That’s a whopping £1050 a week, and £4200 a month. While this is a relatively unfounded number because it varies from week to week, it’s safe to assume that an average escort could be earning this kind of cash if she has good exposure. Not bad for an untrained profession, right? You don’t see apprentices or other unskilled workers making that much dosh in a week, do you? Beats minimum wage, that’s for sure. Or does it?

However, what most fools fail to see is the outgoing expenses of working in the escort industry. I feel this is the part where all the mainstream media articles get it all wrong. As an escort it’s likely that you will have to pay out a fair amount of money to keep your business going. Let’s take a look at some of the common expenses of the average escort, shall we?

Quoted price for escort website maintenance: £300 a month

Vital marketing and advertising: At least £100 per month

Photograph shoots, lingerie and other tools: Quoted at least £50 a month

Cost of working for an escort agency: Up to 40%

Escorts have to pay tax too: remove a further 20%

Professional driver or travel costs: Another 10%

These are just a few of the costs associated with being an escort that I have discussed with working girls on recent encounters. According to one of my favorite blondes, her agency actually takes 60% of her cut and the driver takes 10%, leaving her with a measly 30% of the money from the transaction. For a £150 punt, she walks away with £45. Still lucrative, but not enticing money considering some of the encounters and customers you have to put up with, is it?

So, after tax and other expenses…

It’s likely that a lot of girls in the industry don’t pay for all these prices, but it’s more than likely most of them pay for a couple of these standard escort industry expenses. Let’s say you’re a scrupulous independent escort girl who pays her taxes, maintains her own website and advertisements. That £4200 a month is shaved down to £2625. Still quite a hefty sum I would say, not bad right? Although we have arrived at a number you need to bear in mind at this point the figure is wild speculation with an endless plethora of variables that could come into play.

To conclude

I am quite happy with the number we have arrived at here, and after asking a lot of escorts (they don’t like to talk about the money), a few of them agree that this is an acceptable conclusion. So, how much money do escorts really make? A lot. Just not as much as the news makes it out to be.