Sep 13

Shemale escorts

This is a question that is burning on my mind, one that every once and a wellsprings to the forefront and really does make me wonder, it makes me wonder if I should just give in and try it, it makes me wonder if I would really like it, it makes me wonder if I could ever go back. The question is mind that I have is; could I ever go on a date with a shemale escort?

For those of you who are a little unsure what a shemale is let me brake it down for you, they are also known as lady boys!

A shemale is a woman who was once a man, born a boy but with a female heart, they may have had all the features of a boy but all they ever wanted to be was a lady, hence the name shemales, shims, ladyboys, transsexuals and so on and so forth. Some of these of so pretty, you have really got to check out the ones that come from Thailand, you would never know the difference, these girls spend thousands of pounds to look like they do, they visit transgender clinics back home, have the operations and then come to England to make a living escorting men in London.

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They take hormones to stop them getting hair where men get hair, they have breast implants, some have massive ones and it is not unusual to see a shemale with 34DD boobs, something that is becoming a very welcoming site to me these days, the thing that they leave behind is their cock, you see most men want this, they want the shemale that they are dating to use and abused them, I think that it is a little to make them feel that they are in the power of a women and I can really see why. Many men these days like to be dominated and bent over with a strap on and what better way is there to push this fantasy then to book some time with a shemale.It seems that these type of girls are ever becoming more and more popular in London, I have found a great website where I could book one, I have used these guys before for females and they have never let me down, so why would they when it come to a completely different type of lady.Once I have had my date I will post back here and let you all know how it went, I am certain that you will like to hear it.