Apr 14

Top 3 Romantic London Galleries

London is the capital of the United Kingdom and has some of the best and romantic art galleries, the London escorts love going to these art galleries with clients, so here is a short list of the top 3 most romantic art galleries in London voted by the London escorts;

Somerset House 

The Somerset House is a huge gallery that holds events as well as art exhibitions, they have a wonderful collection of artsy stuff that really does impress the eager artistic mind and with gigs being held here every now again its reputation grows. The London escorts love coming here with their clients to see the artwork or go to the great gigs they host, they always find something new when they enter which is quite the exciting turn around for the London escorts. Strand, London WC2R 1LA

Tate Britain 

This art establishment holds the biggest collection of artwork from British history, dating all the way back from 1500 to the present day. The Tate Britain is one of those art galleries which impresses as soon as you walk in since the architecture of the building is quite aesthetically pleasing, they also have the entire works of JMW Turner as well which is quite impressive. The London escorts absolutely adore this gallery as they take pride in their heritage. Millbank, London, SW1P 4RG

Guildhall Art Gallery & Roman Amphitheatre 

The Guildhall Art Gallery is yes an old Roman amphitheatre that was established in the early 19th century as a collection of British treasures that in truth has some of the world’s most famed pieces. The London escorts have been captivated by this art gallery since they first ever set eyes at the door and foot inside, they absolutely love the collection of history inside the building and within the buildings walls proving it to be quite the architectural masterpiece. Guildhall Yard, London, EC2V 5AE

The London Escorts 

The London escorts love going to any of the aforementioned art galleries above, our girls are the best of the best at their profession proving this time and time again with their many recurring clientele that absolutely love our girls.




Mar 11

Benefits of Booking a Bayswater Escort

Bayswater is a very popular and affluent district of London and has a lot of attractions, one of these attractions is the stunningly beautiful Bayswater escorts, so here is a short list of the benefits of booking a Bayswater escort;

Meeting Your Chosen Bayswater Escort 

There are many who see the meeting part of your experience as the most difficult but this shouldn’t be the case, you’ll notice your chosen Bayswater escort in a crowd straight away because they’re just that gorgeous and they’ll be glittering with beauty that no man can simply resist, one of the many benefits of meeting a Bayswater escort is that unlike most girls you wish to ask out on a date these girls won’t stand you up meaning they’re 100% guaranteed to meet you no problem and to be honest why wouldn’t they it’s their profession and livelihood.

What is She Going to Look Like? 

Well you’ve seen the images and you’ve chosen her for that select reason that you know she’s absolutely stunning, although the images in our opinion don’t give a full representation of just how delectable they are, we know that our Bayswater escorts are unbelievably attractive in person as we ourselves have interviewed them and only the most attractive women get to be on our team. They’ll turn up in the most finest of clothes just to impress you and if you do the same it’ll rub off and go a long way when the night goes on.

What about Their Personality? 

Personality wise our Bayswater escorts are some of the most open minded individuals you’ll ever meet and some of the most fun, these girls can range from being seductively kinky to sweet and kind further proving that our variety of Bayswater escorts outshines all other freelancer escorts, they’re also extremely intelligent and relatable which is proven by the amount of returning clientele we receive. Our girls also have the highest etiquette and respect for their clients and we expect you to have the same because these girls love a man who can equally respect them and their wishes.

Mar 03

Enjoy Gambling in London

London is home to many places where you can gamble your money in a hope for a very good return, being host to many casinos and races London is the place to be if you enjoy to have a gamble. In London when it comes to gambling, casinos are the most popular option as you need no knowledge or understanding to have an evening of excitement all you need is just a little luck. Casinos in London have a variety of games which you can get involved in such as Blackjack, poker, roulette and depending on the casino you visit there are also other games however these are the main ones which attract both experienced and new gamblers.


So where can you go to have a night of gambling in London? Well as mentioned earlier London is home to many casinos all of which are worth visiting however this being said one of the main casinos is The Palm Beach Casino. You will find people turning up to this fabulous casino in fast and fancy cars looking to put their money at risk in a hope to get an amazing return. You may also see gentlemen turning up to Palm Beach Casino in the company of a wildly attractive high class escort from Carmens Secrets. Carmens Secrets are home to a remarkable collection of the highest class escorts in the city which make for excellent company to any of the high class venues in London. Turn up to Palm Beach Casino in style under the arm of your high class escort from Carmens Secrets and try your luck when having a gamble.


It could be your lucky evening and you might even be looking to extend your booking period with your stunning Carmens Secrets escort if you are feeling lucky upon your visit to The Palm Beach Casino.