Jan 13

About Leeds

I love top five lists and i hope that you do to. This is going to be a short list of the top things you can do in the great city of Yorkshire – of course i can not cater for everyone but, i am certainly go to try a get something in there that everyone will like. Having been to Leeds a few times in my life in think it qualifies me to give a fair opinion of things that i have enjoyed over the different years of my life.

Visit a nightclub


Most of the country knows that Leeds is one of the best nights out all of the royal lands. There are swaths of bars and clubs around the city centre and the surrounding areas of countryside. With the massive University being there you can be guaranteed of a good night out. There is the infamous student prices for drinks too which could mean that you end up spending very little on a night out or just more on a Leeds escort. Some recommended bars are, the box (LS6 2AD), the Skyrack (LS6 3AW), Jake’s Bar and the Mint Club.

Book an escort

leah angels or devils


Thank you about it. You are here in a great city, maybe having a good night in the bar but, you have not been able to pull a bird. What do you do next? Well the best option is to book escorts in Leeds from places like Angels or Devils, one of the longest running and well established escort agencies in Leeds.  Spend time looking for the perfect one for you because people will have different preferences on how much that you would like to spend and what girl they would like to see. All escort agencies offer something different.

Visit a park


Sometime you just need to wind down. The best way to let your spirit free and your mind wonder is to visit the wonderful Roundhay Park situated in an idyllic location (LS8 4AR). This park offers a huge walk around rolling hills of freshly cut grass and well maintained plants.