Jul 22

Travel escorts for your weekend away!

Travel escorts for your weekend away!

If you’re thinking about taking a break, did you know that we have a number of escorts who would be willing to travel with you?  There really is no reason to go anywhere alone in this day and age, not when you have a gallery of beautiful travel escorts waiting for you to choose them!

A travel companion can be a good idea for so many reasons.  There are so many single gentlemen out there that spend so much of their time working that they don’t have time to get a girlfriend.  It’s important that if you’re one of these gents, you realise the importance of getting away from work once in a while.  We’re sure you have other leisure pursuits, but wouldn’t it be nice to browse some travel escorts, choose a destination and simply go?

Seeing the sights

Have you ever been somewhere new and turned to tell someone how you feel only to find there’s no-one there?  It kind of takes the excitement out of discovery really.  Yes, you can Tweet it or take a picture and put it on Facebook for all those people who you hardly know, but it’s so much better to talk to someone standing next to you; actually there with you!  Don’t kid yourself into believing that you can have just as much fun on your own when you go on holiday, you simply don’t.

Classy destinations for travel escorts

They’re not cheap companions by any shake of the dice, no.  However, they are very elite and they’re very used to the best of the best.  Luxury is something that these girls can handle, and this is why we thought we’d give you a couple of ideas.

  • French vineyards. These are becoming very popular these days, and they’re mostly all very stylish.  Chateau L’atour and Chateau Lafite Rothschild, in Pauillac are nice destinations; especially during this weather we’re having.
  • Italian springs. Natural spring waters and spa towns are probably more common in The Czech Republic, but Terme di Saturnia in Italy is a lovely place to visit.  Some of the waters flows at over 96 degrees, so you won’t want to bathe in it, but the resort is stunning!
  • Monaco. Of course we’re going to say Monaco!  This has to be at the top of the classiest list right?  Any travel escorts we represent would be more than happy to spend some time with you there, or even sail down there in a luxury yacht?  Depends on just how rich and luxurious you are we suppose!
  • Dubai. Where the weather is hot and so are the women!  Well, those that can show their bodies of course!  We have a number of escorts who love to go to Dubai and they know a number of places that are really befitting a gentlemen of your taste.

So don’t simply work your life away gentlemen.  There’s a lot more to life you know, and everyone needs to take some downtime; even you!  But when you do take your downtime, make sure you create the perfect experience.  Something that will be memorable.  And you know we can always help you out there!


Jan 13

About Leeds

I love top five lists and i hope that you do to. This is going to be a short list of the top things you can do in the great city of Yorkshire – of course i can not cater for everyone but, i am certainly go to try a get something in there that everyone will like. Having been to Leeds a few times in my life in think it qualifies me to give a fair opinion of things that i have enjoyed over the different years of my life.

Visit a nightclub


Most of the country knows that Leeds is one of the best nights out all of the royal lands. There are swaths of bars and clubs around the city centre and the surrounding areas of countryside. With the massive University being there you can be guaranteed of a good night out. There is the infamous student prices for drinks too which could mean that you end up spending very little on a night out or just more on a Leeds escort. Some recommended bars are, the box (LS6 2AD), the Skyrack (LS6 3AW), Jake’s Bar and the Mint Club.

Book an escort

leah angels or devils


Thank you about it. You are here in a great city, maybe having a good night in the bar but, you have not been able to pull a bird. What do you do next? Well the best option is to book escorts in Leeds from places like Angels or Devils, one of the longest running and well established escort agencies in Leeds.  Spend time looking for the perfect one for you because people will have different preferences on how much that you would like to spend and what girl they would like to see. All escort agencies offer something different.

Visit a park


Sometime you just need to wind down. The best way to let your spirit free and your mind wonder is to visit the wonderful Roundhay Park situated in an idyllic location (LS8 4AR). This park offers a huge walk around rolling hills of freshly cut grass and well maintained plants.


Dec 02

Best Ice skating venues in London 2013

What could be better this year than experiencing London in its snow covered winter city scape? Some of the best attractions are the ice rinks that are dotted around and about as they offer something that is both potentially romantic yet physical at the same time. I am not advocating your Christmas experience in London to be something like a gym session what I am recommending is you try them out because it is a lot of fun. Many of the ice rinks also have a bar which adds the exciting twist of getting a little tipsy while trying to ice skate. Of course none of this would be the same unless you had some companionship from a lady friend. Not all of us have girlfriends so I would recommend that you book escorts from a reputable escort agency – Asian escorts are particularly popular at the moment.

The Bluebird 350 King’s Road, SW3

A high class restaurant that is getting festive this season. With a beautifully illuminated ice rink that backs on to the bar where you can choose from the a huge range of Cocktails and wine after and evening of Skating. the blue bird is Located in the heart of Chelsea. As you skating the evening through you will be able to enjoy some pop music culture which the rink is flooded with coloured lights. The ice rink is also available for booking out for your own Christmas party or a romantic dinner date with a little but of skating.

You can enjoy the ice rink from November 11th until January 5th



Bar & BBQ on Ice.

Open until Thursday February 27th the Bar on ice has been here for 28 years as is also one of the best best rinks in london. The Broadgate Ice rink is perfectly located close to the centre of London and only a minutes walk from the Liverpool Street station. Having enjoyed a date with a beautiful escort here it would be no problem to continue the night on around the inner city of London. If you would like to skate here then i recommend that you get some tickets of the website and its also important to know that the rink closes at 10pm with the last skaters allowed on at 9pm.

Broadgate Ice Rink


Boisdale of Canary Wharf

The Boisdale restaurant in Cabot Place, E14, will be teaming up for a second year running to offer a huge ice rink with a retro inspired rink side dinner. This could be the perfectly romantic place that you were looking to spend the evening with an escort in London. A recommended agency that has girls in the area is www.grosvenorgirls.co.uk.


The Somerset house.


Open from the 14th Of November to the 5th Of January. Again this would a be a cool place to bring a beautiful escort on a date as with the other venues that i have mentioned accept this brings a twist the mix. There are different themes throughout the weeks from Skate skating lesson , to traditional Christmas themes to top D.J’s from the club scene playing their best stuff.

Hyde Park Winter wonderland.


If there was any place that you would take an Asian escort in the city of London for a romantic ice skate this would be the place. A who venue dedicated to making you feel festive with attractions such as theme park rides and much more. Of course there will be a wide array of food and drinks to enjoy too!

Hope this helps you!