Sep 13

The Hottest experience I’ve ever had.

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Any way on with the story, I’ll start with a question, what is the most amazing experience a guy can have intimately? the coolest thing a man can ever do, better than climbing mount Everest and fighting a lion in the same week. I am of course talking about having an intimate relationship…….. with twins. yes that’s right twins. that is literally in the top three of every man’s sexual fantasy ‘to do list’. just imagine if you ever had the privilege to take home a ten out of ten girl, kissing her then turning around and seeing the exact same girl on the other side. well I can tell you right now it is simply amazing. I booked the most beautiful shemale escorts for the most unforgettable night, the twins are both equally as sexy and crazy and do things you can only imagine, well that’s until they’re doing it to you anyway. I booked the twins for a dinner date swiftly followed by the return to my house for some real fun. the dinner was nice, we went to Boyds on Northumberland avenue and it was good food, really traditional English grub which made the night a bit better. I wasn’t really bothered about the food however, I was more interested in these beauties sat in front of me. Lucky for me I’m good at making conversation, I’m not being arrogant when I say this but I am fairly confident when meeting new people and that skill had never really come in handy until now. me and the girls really had a laugh and enjoyed ourselves, but by ten o’clock it was time to get home because I had never been so ready to take two girls home in my life.

When I got home I was so excited, these girls immediately took control over me and it almost scared me because I have never been over powered by two of the most sexy girls I have ever seen. the next three hours were crazy, we were rolling every which way, going in and out of every room, using whipped cream and chocolate sauce, literally everything I could think of in order to make the experience crazier. how about I make it sound even better, well Sumaya Schultz I had requested for her to bring a ‘school girl’ outfit and then on top of this I asked Aylah to dress the same. It quickly literally turned into one of my childhood fantasies, I kid you not I paid for one extra hour up front because I didn’t want it to end. It had come to an end though unfortunately and as the girls were re-dressing up to leave I actually (I know this sounds stupid) repeatedly thanked them for the moment we had just shared and how I will be back in contact with them as soon as I can, and I didn’t lie I’m saving up for another experience with these two beautiful girls.

so as the story ends so must this blog post, I had a great time with these girls and the best part about this story is I’m not any lucky guy, I’m just like you I have an average job and I live a relatively average lifestyle. if you think that like me it is time to look through the eyes of excellence and indulge your body in the most pleasurable experience ever, then go onto the Naughty Shemales website, you won’t be disappointed.